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Is Relaxation User Friendly?

Frequently asked questions and answers

  1. Is relaxation safe during Covid 19 lockdown?   Yes, of course.
  2. Will the relaxation stock run out?    No, the more you use the more available.
  3. Is it environmentally friendly?    Yes, apparently no impact on the ozone layer.
  4. How much does relaxation cost?    Do you want to know the retail price or the wholesale price?
  5. What are the opening hours for relaxation?    24/7 and 365.
  6. Is relaxation user friendly?    Yes, but “grumpy restless” users can always make complaints.
  7. Would the neighbours complain if I relax?    Keep it a secret.
  8. Has relaxation been laboratory tested?    No.
  9. I don’t know how to relax!    Is that a question or a statement? (In any case refer to the previous blog on (link).
  10. Are there any side effects of relaxation?   None identified so far.
  11. Do I need a prescription from my GP to relax?    Please check with your GP.
  12. Is it available over the counter?    Please check with your local pharmacist.
  13. Is it covered by Medicare/health care card?    No.
  14. Can I relax while driving?    Yes, no evidence to suggest no.
  15. Is there any evidence of overdose?    No, no evidence to suggest yes.
  16. What will happen if I relax all the time?    The best person to ask is your partner.
  17. Where does relaxation come from?    Apparently from cosmos.
  18. Is relaxation LGBT friendly?    Yes, No discrimination against sexual orientation.
  19. Is it suitable during pregnancy?    Absolutely yes, so far, no complaints from newborn babies.
  20. What is the best time to relax?    Right now.
  21. Will I get tired of relaxation?    No evidence to suggest yes or no.
  22. How long will it take to relax?    Apparently, it is designed to be instant.
  23. Can I relax just thinking about relaxation?    Yes, absolutely.
  24. What will happen if all human beings on this earth relax?    This is a hard question to answer, let me take a deep breath first…..

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