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Dr Bandara Bandaranayake

Dr Bandara Bandaranayake

PhD (Monash); MPhil; B.Ed (Hons)

Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma In Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)

Before becoming a psychotherapist, I held a number of senior positions at the Victorian Department of Education and Training for over 14 years. Prior to that, I held teaching, academic, and senior administrative positions in Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia, for more than 20 years.

My academic background in sociology, social psychology and educational psychology has helped me to facilitate a smooth transition to psychotherapy.

My therapeutic goal is to assist my clients to recover from emotional issues and become healthy, resourceful, and independent as quickly as possible.

I elicit inherent positive resources in my clients and then develop and apply a framework for change using clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), age regression, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), counselling and other protocols, as and where appropriate. I also conduct research into identifying root causes of emotions and behavioural manifestations in my cleints.

I understand the importance of applying preventive measures at early stages. I conduct clinical training and mentoring sessions for parents to regulate their emotions and to manage emotional and behavioural issues in their children at early stages in order to make their children more resilient.

 Further, my experience in adapting to different work environments and management cultures in three different countries over three decades has provided me with a profound understanding of management issues, employee stress, mental health and well-being issues in organisations and their impact on organisational performance and employees’ work and family life.

Using my therapeutic knowledge and skills, I conduct a clinical training program for corporate and public sector clients acquire emotion-focused coping skills that enhance self-regulation and resilience. The program is designed to help clients gain a range of cognitive and arousal-control skills based on a range of real-time clinical tools and strategies.

Our goal is to help participants to master clinical tools & coping skills during and after the training sessions so that they will eventually be able to use them automatically, without a lot of thought or effort.

I am looking forward to helping you.

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