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Release your stress - Evolving mindz

Offering online and face-to-face therapy to relieve stress and detox negative emotions, fostering a happy and peaceful life

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Remove Your Anxiety and Depression - Evolving Mindz

We understand the impact of depression and anxiety. Our therapeutic interventions help you overcome these challenges and speed up healing.

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Remove Trauma & PTSD - Evolving Mindz

Our specialised trauma therapy program, available both online and in-person, is designed to help you heal and reclaim your life.

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Remove phobia - Evolving Mindz

We provide treatment for various phobias, including social phobia, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, flying phobia, public speaking phobia, needle phobia, and more.

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Performance coaching - Evolving Mindz

Unlock your mind's power. Our coaching identifies barriers, installs positive patterns, and minimizes negative habits for success

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Fertility Hypnotherapy - Evolving Mindz

A significant proportion of women facing difficulties with pregnancy and delayed conception fall into the “unexplained” category

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