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Overcome Addictions

Substance abuse causes huge individual and social problems and consists mainly of problems around using illicit drugs and alcohol. Dependency may then arise which gives rise to another whole set of problems both for the individual and for the society in which they live.

Habit disorders consist of repetitive, non-functional motor behaviours that interfere with normal activities in a relatively gentle way or that can result in bodily injury.  

Common habits that often arise in childhood include thumb sucking, nail biting, nose picking and breath holding, bruxism (teeth grinding), head banging or rocking movements. Increasing anxiety almost invariably causes any habit to increase. 

There is plenty of case study evidence for the use of hypnosis in certain addiction and habits. Often cognitive-behavioural approaches are combined with relaxation training, hypnosis can be an effective way of facilitating this, as well as addressing and resolving underlying issues of low self-esteem and insecurity.  I use a combination of methods from clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, emotional psychology, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to remove addictions and habits.  

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