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Building Resilience: ​​​Clinical Tools & Strategies

Full one day or two half days training workshops

The focus of this clinical training program is on promoting emotional resilience by helping clients acquire coping skills that enhance affective self-regulation.

The training is targeted for both corporate and public sector clients.

This training program will help clients to:

  • bounce back from any negative emotional experiences and adversity
  • adapt to the changing demands of stressful work environments
  • foster personal growth, and
  • promote health and well-being.

The program is designed to help clients develop a range of cognitive and arousal-control skills that increase emotion regulation capabilities utilising a variety of real-time clinical tools and strategies, including:

  • understanding psychosomatics
  • relaxation training
  • cognitive restructuring,
  • guided mindfulness meditation
  • real-time resilience techniques to overcome mind traps & cognitive distortions
  • self-regulation tools – acceptance, tolerance and gratitude
  • signature character strengths and application, and
  • positive self-evaluation and self-esteem.

Unfortunately, not every employee in Australia has been given the chance to acquire complex coping skills. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Australian employees have taken time off work due to feeling mentally unwell in 2014.

​Our goal is to help the participants to master clinical tools & coping skills during the training sessions so that they will eventually be able to use them automatically, without a lot of thought or effort.

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