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Exam Anxiety/Stress (VCE/HSC)

Mindset coaching and removing limiting beliefs

Exam (VCE/HSC) anxiety/stress can be a debilitating condition which can impair learning motivation, exam preparation, and performance.

Some signs of stress include feeling moody or overwhelmed, procrastination, difficulties with decision making, a lack of motivation, muscle tension, and headaches.

Students can be stressed because they fear failing, whereas others will be stressed because they fear not living up their own, or others high expectations. Some students may find they feel nauseous before and/or during an exam or have full blown panic attacks.

We make an assessment and identify your root cause. We help you to turn off the stress or leave the stress behind. We remove limiting beliefs and boost your confidence and self-belief. Our powerful stress and anxiety reduction techniques will help you develop the ability to access the calm state of mind needed to prepare and sit an exam or cope with a potentially overwhelming situation.

We also educate and counsel parents to increase their understanding and ensure maximum support to their children during stressful times.


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