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Lose Weight and be Healthy

I can help you to install a unique tailor-made strategy for weight loss, removing your negative emotions and helping you to discover your inner strengths. 

Our negative emotions mean we often eat for the wrong reasons, people will eat when they’re sad, lonely, bored or sometimes angry – and then they’ll feel guilty and beat themselves up afterwards, creating a plunging spiral. No amount of emotional eating will help you repair yourself. 

I can help you to install powerful principles that remove negative emotions, rediscover yourself, repair your inner pain, achieve and sustain the right weight; right attitude, right imagination, right belief system/ values, short term achievable goals and supportive eating habits/ exercise habits to support your optimum health. 

My strategies and interventions integrate with clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP). 

​I conduct a full psychological assessment before starting treatment. I respect and give full attention to your welfare, your wellbeing and your needs. Contact me today for a session.  

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