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Fertility Hypnotherapy

A significant proportion of women who experience difficulties getting pregnant and delayed conception are in an “unexplained” category. Psychological factors are frequently implicated for conditions where no organic or physical cause can be found.

For example:

  • One study found that 46% of infertile patients attending fertility clinics, conceived during the investigation and before treatment began,
  • Conception after adoption is another frequently quoted reason for implying a psychological cause.

Do you know that:

  • Stress hormones suppress your chances of conception,
  • Deep limiting beliefs could stand in the way of being able to conceive,
  • Negative feelings left unexpressed or trauma unresolved, hold considerable energy which can block conception.

If psychological factors are causal or contributory in the delayed pregnancy, the underlying machinery needs urgent attention. There are many cases where women conceived soon after their past traumatic experience and emotional conflicts were resolved.

What is your root cause?

Hypnosis is a pathway to access your subconscious mind and identify the root cause. It is also a proven strategy to eliminate your stress, overcome your limiting beliefs, eliminate trauma, resolve internal conflicts, relax your mind and body, and prepare your body for conception.

Stop worrying and give a chance to alternative therapy. Please contact us. Face to face & telehealth services available. Full fees are after your success story.

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