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Boost Your Self Esteem

Self- esteem relates to how we value ourselves whilst self confidence relates to how we behave. Self-esteem is to do with being and self confidence with doing. 

Often, with patients who have poor self esteem and low resilience, it is found that they have a background of early trauma.

If our patient thinks of themselves as lacking in confidence they will, at some level, be making an internal image of themselves as looking, feeling and behaving in this way which will act as reinforcement of poor self confidence. Using hypnosis and imagery we can help our patients connect more strongly with their goal or desired emotional state. By utilising associated imagery the patient not only sets the goal at an emotional as well as a cognitive level, but also helps access those unconscious resources that are not so readily available to consciousness. 

There are a number of technique that we use combining NLP, cognitive behaviour therapy and clinical hypnotherapy to assist our clients. 

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